Highlights 2022

Official Visit To ECRL Tunjong And Flood Relief Mission By Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan
Technical Visit To ECRL Genting Tunnel Project Site By Integrated Asset Planning Branch (CPAB), JKR Malaysia Section 7 Visit By Deputy Director Of Malaysia Land Public Transport Agency (APAD)
30th December 2022

22nd December 2022 7th December 2022
T-Beam Launching Ceremony Held At Section 6 Kuantan, Pahang Stitching Cantilever Beam Ceremony Held At Section 6 Kuantan, Pahang Deputy General Director Of The Department Of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) Officially Visited ECRL Project In Section 7, Bentong
10th November 2022 6th October 2022 5th October 2022
ECRL Inked Supplementary Agreement On Wildlife Management Plan To Safeguard Flora And Fauna Deputy Finance Minister II Officially Visit To ECRL Project In Section 4, Terengganu Transport Minister Lauded On The ECRL Progress During His Site Visit.
3rd October 2022 7th September 2022 5th September 2022
Implementation And Coordination Unit (ICU) Board Of Directors Officially Visits ECRL Project In Section 1, Kelantan Deputy Finance Minister Attends MESRA ECRL In Paya Besar PM Launches First ECRL TBM For Excavation Of Genting Tunnel
29th August 2022 25th June 2022 23rd June 2022
ECRL Project, A Catalyst For Kelantan Development – KeTSA Minister Prime Minister Visits ECRL Booth At Jelajah Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia Terengganu MRL Board Of Directors Visit Genting Tunnel On TBM Operation
16th June 2022 4th June 2022 21st April 2022
MESRA ECRL Programme Continues In Dungun, Kemasik & Chukai Pahang MB Conducts Aerial Observation Along The ECRL Alignment In Pahang Transport Minister Visits Section 7 On TBM Reassembly Work
24th March 2022 21st February 2022 13th January 2022
ECRL Contributes To Pahang State Government For Flood Relief Initiatives    
5th January 2022    


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